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Monday, 10 October 2011

On Location

Campaigners are putting pressure on ICANN to provide a new top level domain for taxidermists. The proposed addition would allow sites to use the extension ".stuffed" as an indicator of content.

Other groups attempting to secure specialist extensions include manufacturers of industrial adhesive products, who are angling for the ".sticky" extension, although some campaigners for the porn industry are disputing their right to that particular domain.

The news follows complaints from Web users who naturally expected the ".aero" extension to correspond to sites offering delicious chocolate treats. Administrators of Catalan language sites, with the extension ".cat" have also been on the receiving end of much anger from website visitors, devastated by a distinct lack of videos and pictures featuring kittens engaged in humorous acts.

ICANN again ruled out the possibility of individual celebrities having their own top level domains, after repeated demands from Tom Cruise regarding the ".almighty" extension, which the actor wants to reserve for his own exclusive use.

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