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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Yet Another Failure for Burty?

Etchlog Digital Livery provided critics with yet more ammunition yesterday releasing their 'update' to last year's mirth-inducing Logical Disclosure Management system. As if things weren't bad enough for Etchlog, the new version contains a number of additional features, including FFR (^2t) support, custom edits and something they call 'inductive poisoning'. Need we say any more?

Monday, 23 February 2009

The Colour of Theft?

Recent reports show that a shocking 97.8% of websites use colours without affording due credit to their creators. Further to this, the overwhelming majority of webmasters are completely unaware that the colours are actually the product of detailed design efforts by 'huedoctors' as they are known within the colour mastering community.

The Physics of Sarcasm

Dr Philippe Knocking's much anticipated book on the Physics of Sarcasm is released today. His pioneering research is already known to have furnished the academic world with a number of revelations relating to the subject, such as the now largely unquestioned hypothesis 17x(irony+32)=11snorts-4, otherwise known as the smart-arse principle.

Legloose and Fancy Free?

This month finally saw Skimtype Lifesystems' prototype Legless Child beta release. One question still remains - will it be able to jump? Come on Max, we're all ears, unlike the F5r4#m-9...

Did I Really Write That?

Scientists have created the world's first self-erasing pencil. The device features a computer program which makes a value judgement every 17 words and automatically erases any text making the writer seem an ignorant prick, or comprising a risk to national security.