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Friday, 3 July 2009

Think of a Number

How many days in the week? 11R4t-*i', or 7 in decimal...

A previously unknown numbering system has been discovered in the Patagonian Desert. Magentary is truly unique: where binary uses base-2, and decimal uses base-10, what base does Magentary use? - pink. That's right, it's a rose-based system, something the mainstream scientific community previously believed impossible. Dr Timothy Spatula of the Oblong Research and Discovery Institute:
"Just when you think you've seen it all, number-wise that is, along comes a fucking big magenta number 5 and gives you a good hard kick in the balls".
The last great numerical discovery occurred just 15 years ago near a remote village in the Bavarian Alps, when a small child found a particularly random integer that had been hidden in a disused refuse tank by her mathematician uncle during the Second World War, in the hope that the Nazis would never get their hands on it. The news follows a high profile court case regarding a set of extremely rational numbers that were found stuck up a drainpipe in Cornwall.

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